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It Was All Yellow

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Thinking about the stars shining.

18" x 24"

Charcoal and Pastel on 140 lb cold press cotton paper (Finish: Matte Fixative). Unframed.

Artist Bio

Mary Triestine Scinto is a contemporary American Painter. A life force of energy in motion fill her paintings known by their bold originality, vibrancy and exquisite use of color. The inspiration of her abstract mark making is rooted in questions of existence, happiness, and human potential. Themes of love, healing, spirituality, and mortality are intertwined in the stroke work through a language of symbolism. Scinto’s paintings challenge traditional ideas of truth, beauty and abstraction. The artist paints as a radical act of liberation and survival; it is an extension of the self, providing an experience of freedom and possibility that cannot be found elsewhere.

Scinto began painting as a therapeutic tool after enduring traumatic life experience in January 2020. Since then, Scinto has painted over 2000 original works of art. Recent publications include Antenna Signals: Emerging Virus, Emerging Artist and Images Magazine with her work Memory Images 2020. She opened her first studio and gallery in January of 2022 in the French Quarter of New Orleans. In the Summer of 2022, Scinto took sabbatical with a private residency in Loches, France and Sardinia, Italy developing a representational body of work. The latest focus of Mary’s art is combining realism with abstraction while expanding her collection of large scale paintings, and discovering how to sustain success and authenticity as an emerging artist. Mary also develops painting into surface and textile designs. These designs are now available for licensure and product collaborations.

Scinto is exhibited at the Sunday Shop in New Orleans featured as an artist in residence, 1901 Royal Street, and The Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery. She has sold over 300 works of art independently, now held in private collections internationally (16 countries and 43 states). Scinto hopes to have her art reach as many people as possible to experience the same sense of joy, peace & freedom it brings her to create. The Artist currently lives and paints in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a studio space in the downtown arts district at Camp Street Studios. She will be attending the Florence Academy of Art in Summer 2024.

Artistic Process

Every blank canvas is a chance to bring beauty to the world that never before existed. Mary Scinto’s paintings are intuitive and immediate, a rush of energy and emotion fly along the canvas with a life force of motion through gestural brushstrokes. The inspiration of her mark making is rooted in questions of existence, happiness, and human potential. She paints what can’t be expressed in words, intangible feelings and experiences of the human heart. An inner rhythm emerges to naturally guide the painting process. The inspiration invents a language, the strokes translate feelings in a dance with the subconscious. Themes of love, healing, spirituality, and mortality are intertwined through symbolism—jazz like movement, the flow of the Mississippi river, angels flying, hands reaching out subtly emerge. Painting for Scinto is a meditation, a love letter to the world—a prayer of hope, a reminder that we are all capable of creating and experiencing unique beauty. The work aims not to be just another pretty picture but an image that lets one exist on the edge of chaos, serenity, curiosity and joy. Her representational work comes to life with playful spontaneity, and the same urgency of the abstraction. Often painted in plenair or on location, the artwork is born out of a deep desire to capture that moment in time, create a memory, hold onto a feeling, and so the painting comes to life to create permanence, to honor and remember that very place.

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    It Was All Yellow
    It Was All Yellow
    It Was All Yellow