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Grid 1

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"In my practice, which is multidisciplinary, I find it’s important to experiment with different elements of the abstraction process to then bring back into my figurative work and a grid has a very modern feel which hints at current collective aesthetic preferences."

30" x 24" x .75”

Acrylic on canvas

Artist Bio

Emily Lovejoy, b. 1988, is a New Orleans based multidisciplinary artist. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with an emphasis on painting from the University of New Orleans in 2012. Here practice focuses on painting, photography, and ceramics. Across all mediums Lovejoy explores identity as well as the connection between humanity and nature. 

Artistic Process

In Emily Lovejoy's iconic portraits, the contrast between real and surreal is confronted through a lens of bold imagery and hypnagogic colors. Her subjects, seemingly existing in parallel worlds, tempt the viewer to stay and interpret their own projections. The goal is to invoke an emotional response through contemporary composition, and modern surrealism. It is important for Lovejoy to record her subjects and capture not only their likeness, but also a sense of their personality and they time they live in. "Portraiture is a calling I will never fully understand, but with each piece I glean fresh motives."

Beginning with photography Lovejoy’s creative process starts out as a dialogue between model and photographer. Once the images are processed they’re further manipulated in the digital space until a unique composition emerges. The images are then translated onto the canvas where Lovejoy uses her specific technique to build up watered down slow drying acrylics. The end result is a distinguishable work of art that bears the unmistakable mark of Emily Lovejoy's creative vision.

In addition to her portrait work, Lovejoy explores the realms of abstraction and nature. This ideology can similarly be seen through the design of her ceramics and the lens of her camera. 

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    Complete view of Grid 1 painting by New Orleans artist Emily Lovejoy
    Side view of Grid 1 painting by New Orleans artist Emily Lovejoy
    Close-up view of Grid 1 painting by New Orleans artist Emily Lovejoy
    Close-up view of Grid 1 painting by New Orleans artist Emily Lovejoy
    Close-up view of Grid 1 painting by New Orleans artist Emily Lovejoy
    Grid 1