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Collage Like Music #4

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“These pieces flowed from intuition and to me they create a musical landscape of the things we leave behind; discarded but not forgotten.”

Found materials include Inkjet prints, acrylic paint, fabric scraps, marker, enamel, plastic food/coffee/candy wrappers, thread, scavenged deer corn bags and calligraphy paper.

30” x 40” x 1” (affixed with a slender wooden frame)

Approximately 8 lbs.

Delivery of the product will be available in Fall 2024.

Artist Bio

Sadie Sheldon is a multimedia artist based in New Orleans, holding an MFA in Sculpture from Tulane University. She has been an artist-in-residence at Basement6, the Birdsell Project, the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Laboratory, The Aquarium, Vermont Studio Center, Kuona Trust, Breck Create, Elsewhere Museum, Stove Works and was a 2018 recipient of the Pitch Night grant to exhibit at Grand Rapids Art Prize.

Sadie’s work ranges from 2D textile paintings to immersive installations, all reflecting our rapidly changing landscape and magnifying the effects of post-consumer materials on the natural world. Sourcing materials from the city in which it’s created, her works explore community identity from the things we leave behind.

Artistic Process

Collage Like Music is a series born from the inspiration of materials, found by chance. I paint with fabric and thread to develop visual compositions where the textures, colors and arrangements converge to create the wordless music of an inner expression. The work and process is a testament to the harmonious interplay between chance and intuition. As I assemble the materials, I aim to evoke visual rhythms that resonate with the viewer’s senses.

Through the transformative power of these sewn collages, I invite viewers to immerse themselves in a sensory journey, where the language of the abstract and the musical converge to inspire introspection and emotional resonance. Just as a melody can transport us to distant places and emotions, my work aims to evoke a personal connection to the visual notes. With
meticulous stitching and sewing, I join found fabrics to compose abstract compositions, each a living testament to the transformative vibrations alive in the world around us.

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    Collage Like Music
    Collage Like Music
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    Close-up image of Collage Like Music