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Bubblegum Punk Centerpiece

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This centerpiece is an investigation of technique and form adaptation. The form began as a wheel-thrown circular hollow tube which was then altered through surface treatment, form manipulation, or additional or joined parts.

The “teeth” on the centerpiece's rim is an ornamentation I have been sneaking into my work for years. The “teeth” have lived on totally functional dinnerware as well as sculptural forms and centerpieces.

7" x 7" x 2"

Pigmented porcelain and stoneware
Artist Bio

Faye Kennelly is a New Orleans-based, Yankee-raised Registered Art Therapist, Professional Counselor and Ceramicist. Her work both invites and simultaneously repels physical intimacy and touch, it’s intuitive, evocative, curious and animated. Faye believes that making art is dangerous and revealing and this is likely why she’s always done it.

Artistic Process

I approach clay media with curiosity, infinite adaption, spontaneity, intention and impulse. The studio is where I allow myself to take risks and rely on instinct and intuition to guide my decisions. The intersection of soothing mechanical recapitulation and innate impulse is where my work is born.

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    Bubblegum Punk Centerpiece
    Bubblegum Punk Centerpiece
    Bubblegum Punk Centerpiece
    Bubblegum Punk Centerpiece
    Bubblegum Punk Centerpiece